• The terms of participation to World Championship 2021
  • Pre-registration
    1. Pre-registration of competitors from national federations closes on Thursday,1 July (30.06 11:59, UTC+3)
    2. Pre-registration for all competitors closes on Monday, 1 August (31.07 11:59, UTC+3).
    3. National federations are able to make changes in particular categories until 1 August (31.07 11:59, UTC+3).
    4. The national team’s line-up should be announced before 10 August.
    5. The last changes to the team’s line-up and categories can be done on 12 August. Only the next players can be added to the national teams who have entered Tallinn before 12 of August and successfully completed the registration on the spot.
  • Registration on the spot
    1. All participants of the World Championship must provide a passport or identity card/document (ID-card) on 12 August, that proves the nationality the competitor represents in the competition.
    2. All participants of the World Championship must provide a certificate of a negative test result for Covid-19. According to the decision of the Estonian government, a certificate of vaccination or the presence of antibodies after an illness allows the player not to take tests. Players who have had a valid negative test result in the last 72 hours on Thursday night will also be eligible to compete. Documents are accepted in English, Estonian or Russian.
    3. NB! On Thursday 12 August evening 21:00, all documents with negative test of all players or vaccination certificates send to the Estonian Health Department. Whoever does not provide this document on Thursday will not play at the Championship.
  • Anti-Covid rules
    1. A specialized point will work at the hotel, where it will be possible to do a Covid-19 test on Wednesday. The cost is 60 euros.
    2. Any attendee showing symptoms of Covid-19 (runny nose, cough, fever) should not attend the competition, should be asked to leave if they present at the venue, and must pass the Covid-19 test.
    3. Only organizers, players, coaches, and referees are allowed to be at the venue.
    4. The organizers DO NOT provide participants with free masks and disinfectants.
    5. Handshakes are canceled after the match!